10 Predictions On The Business Of Furniture In 2018

Ecommerce is growing very strongly and in 2018 it will definitely be a year of new things. The field of interior design will also be the same, let's take a look at the predictions of the situation, the trend of interior design in 2018.

 interior design

1.Interior design as required by customers

Furniture companies will produce according to customer requirements, due to the need and purpose, the personalization of furniture products increasingly from the customer. With this model, furniture companies will not need to worry about inventory issues and increase profits. At present, there are many furniture manufacturers that follow this model in the market. In addition, there are websites that allow customers to build their own interior ideas through software applications, so that they will be easier to bring requests to companies.

Interior design as required by customers

2.Shopping online

Information technology is growing more and more, making online shopping easier and more convenient. According to an informal survey, in the field of furniture, the average online purchase growth rate ranges from 14% to 20% a year. This is a positive sign for the furniture market, especially for companies that catch on time.

Shopping online

3.Types of furniture from precious wood will be hot items

Precious timber sources are becoming scarcer and depleted, and there is a tightening of government controls. The investment in precious wood and the inflation of the economy makes the price of precious wood increasingly, leading to the increase in wood furniture products. Furniture from other materials such as iron, plastic, aluminum, copper ... also increased slightly.

Types of furniture from precious wood will be hot items

4.Simple interior trend

Classical furniture with many sophisticated lines, complicated today only suitable for middle-aged people, older people. While young people are now choosing simple types of furniture, taking up less space and being easy to transport, clean, fold. This simple interior trend is suitable for modern, dynamic life, especially with modern apartments, modern space and creativity.

Simple interior trend

5.The diversity of the major brands

Furniture types with big brand always have good quality, reasonable price. Besides, users also have more options, more items to decorate their apartment. The trend of choosing large furniture companies has been around for a long time, but it looks like it will continue to grow in 2018.

The diversity of the major brands

6.The transformation of the interior business model

Most noticeable are models such as traditional showrooms, intermediary companies are gradually being replaced by e-commerce, reducing costs and efficiency. In addition, inefficient companies will also be excluded from this competitive market.

The transformation of the interior business model

7.Fraud in the interior design business

This is an inevitable problem, but is gradually decreasing as users gain more and more information and management from the government. But it is still a remarkable issue of interior design business in 2018.

Fraud in the interior design business

8.Appears some new business models for the interior

New models such as furniture rental, market for "old furniture", floor exchange ... are growing. This will give the user more choice and also help the furniture companies to exploit more customers.

Appears some new business models for the interior

9.The "benefits" of customers is increasing

Through "information technology", customers can choose a product from hundreds of website furniture companies, and choose the best quality products, cheapest price and service attached. Therefore, the furniture companies will have to try more to reduce the price of products, increase quality and service considerate. If any problem occurs it is very easy to harm the reputation and brand of the company.

The benefits of customers is increasing

10.A lot of changes in 2018

There will be plenty of fluctuations in 2018 that we can - not predict, especially in a time when technological development is rising. Be prepared for many changes and fluctuations in the interior.

A lot of changes in 2018