10 Stunning Interior Design Trends That You Should Not Ignore

Every year, everyone wants to leave behind old things, not good. A new year comes with the promise of better things. That is why I will suggest 10 trends in interior design beautiful 2017, the trend of interior decoration for your home radiant, sparkling and always happy.


1.Use lamps from synthetic materials, instead of 100%

The metal lamps in the house, especially the copper lamps always make your house bright, shimmering and warm. But with that they also have disadvantages. In 2016, we listened to the opinion of many families that they liked the light but would not continue to use it. It transmits heat quickly and strongly, causing the heat to spread widely, especially in the summer. They make the air hotter and stuffier.

So, in 2017, when designing the interior of your home, I advise you not to continue selecting these pure metal lamps. You should use lamps with composite materials or only metal points to decorate.

2.Traditional lamps

Today's modern led are extremely diverse and rich in both design and materials. Many families choose this type of light for outdoor lighting. It's not only bright, fancy but also power saving. However, if you like the nostalgic style, like the feeling of peace and want to return to a peaceful childhood memories, then you can change the style. Choose traditional light bulbs to decorate the gate, yard or balcony to make the house more warm and emotional.

Old does not mean outdated, new does not mean beautiful. Because in interior design and home decoration, creative inspiration is never limited. A small change can also help increase doubling of pleasure.

3.Furniture with dark blue coal (Navy Blue)

White interior is chosen by many people because of eye-catching and generous space. It is very well suited to small houses. However, the white interior requires the owner to always clean it so that it is always beautiful. Everyone knows, the enemy of white is the time.

In 2017, you can completely leave your "white" friend to get acquainted with your friend "navy blue". This is an extremely popular color in Western countries, luxurious, attractive and dare to challenge with time. You do not have to worry blue navy to make your space dark. Blue navy is often referred to as the "power" of the male by the strong, classic and the sense of trust it brings. The dark house is not due to navy blue, but because you have designed the functions, as well as coordinate the interior suitable for your home space or not.

4.Use simple decorating styles but delicate

By 2016, you will be loyal to these monotonous sofa pillows, so by 2017, you will be able to choose styles, textures and other fresh colors.

5.Furniture, sofa combined wood material

In recent years, young families have always chosen leather (artificial) or fabric, felt for home interior. Because it is both beautiful and cheap and suitable for the living conditions of the apartments and also the cost is moderate. Accepting that, many homeowners ignore the disadvantages of this type of furniture is hot, must be clean often, easy to mold and short life.

By 2017, furniture, sofas made of wood or wood combined with leather, fabric, felt will be a new trend. Wood will make the feeling of luxury, cool, close, super durable and challenging with all weather conditions of 4 seasons of the year.

6.Use handmade items

People who love romance and crafts often buy or make their own handmade to decorate their home more color. Especially on holidays, New Year.

However, I recommend carefully selecting the material for outdoor hanging handmade ornaments. Do not use water-repellent materials as they will quickly break down after every sudden rain. You cannot always stay home to watch over them. So, best with decorative lights you should use glass bottles to cover the outside, a little more color to shimmering, brilliant every night down.

7.Metal furniture polished

The polished metal interior will be a big trend in 2017 and subsequent years. It makes the house brighter, creates a large space and shows the level of your home. However, the cost of these items is not cheap so it will be more suitable for high-end apartments.


8.Use embroidery items from traditional materials

Whether you like it or not, next year, fancy embroidered furniture, traditional tone and decorative patterns combine the array of themes to create the highlight will still be chosen by many people. They not only show the talent and creativity of the workers but also make the house aesthetic, showing the uniqueness of the owner.

9.Intelligent interior, optimal space

The sofa, large furniture is very beautiful and helps house more luxurious, more luxurious. However, with the area of land and housing shrinking, air environment suffocating, the space inside the house is more important than ever. Therefore, the interior neat, smart, tidy to maximum space will continue to be the dominant trend in 2017.

10.Creative with wall paint

The zigzag wall paint with only two to three colors of light paint will help the house unique, beautiful, create space with depth, spacious and high painting.