5 Tips To Prevent Dropping Mood

Today, creativity is always present in most areas. Especially for Graphic Design, creativity is an indispensable and important catalyst. But you can - not always be as creative as you want. There are days when you suddenly feel depressed, unable to think anything, no inspiration work. Even going somewhere makes you feel tired, you just want to lie down and not be interested in anything, this is called "Dropping Mood".

With Designer, "Dropping Mood" is a dilemma because your daily work always requires creativity and "enthusiasm" in Designers but you do not have the excitement to do it. So how to minimize the dropping mood? Here are five ways to be the most effective in preventing this discomfort.

prevent Dropping Mood

1.Take the time to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the beauty of nature

The natural environment is always the place to bring you the feeling of peace and relaxation most. Natural light is a "precious medicine" to help you supplement vitamin A, D as well as enhance the brain energy. In the morning, if possible, spend 15-30 minutes walking in a park near your home or roads with lots of trees and light. This habit helps the brain absorb energy from the sun early in the morning to increase alertness and start a new day of excitement.

Take the time to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the beauty of nature

2.Avoid exposure to “green light” at night

As mentioned above, natural light is good for the body but blue light is not. Green light, also known as artificial light, is the light emanating from electronic devices such as televisions, cell phones or computers. Green light reduces the brain's energy as well as reduce the "quality" of sleep. After a long day of work, night is the time for your brain to rest, minimize the impact of green light. Turn off all the lights as well as electronics around to get a good quality sleep!

Avoid exposure to green light at night

3."Do not eat" helps the brain clearer

This sounds ridiculous but this is the truth that has been scientifically proven.

When hungry, our bodies produce ghrelin - a "hungry hormone" created from the stomach that signals the brain that your body is hungry. Ghrelin levels increase when you are hungry and will return to normal levels several hours after eating.Ghrelin stimulates the growth of brain cells and improves memory. According to research by Swansea University (UK).

However, this does not mean that we will not eat to be smarter. This should be done in a scientific way and this method is not recommended for routine use, so you should limit it when applying it.

Do not eat helps the brain clearer


The first and most important benefit of meditation is the reduction of tension and the relaxation of the mind. Meditate before bed so you can sleep well and get better rest. Meditation also helps you focus and not think about too many things at the same time. With just 30 minutes a day, most people can do it at home and it's not too hard to do. Daily practice with Meditation will be a good way for you, it will help you easily focus, enhance the ability to learn and memorize information.


5.Listen to music when you are working

In some cases, listening to music helps you "acquire knowledge" better, work is also easier. Besides, listening to music also brings joy to create atmosphere inspired. Many people nowadays still have the habit of listening to music when they work or when they need to think new ideas.

Baroque - classical music (no lyrics), prevalent in the 17-18 century. Listening to Baroque music properly helps you improve memory, increase concentration, reduce stress, boost your creativity, and even help your body recover and increase IQ.

Listen to music when you are working


I hope that with these 5 methods you will find the excitement in work, creativity is promoted to the highest level and escape the status of "Dropping Mood".