Modern Jali Designs in Bedroom

With a desire to attain a well-aired space for a small house or apartment in a large city, many people resort to open concept homes, particularly open floor plans. This conceptactually gives a sense of spaciousness where entertaining, gathering and dining areas can occur in one place.

However, when it comes to bedrooms, this concept doesn’t guarantee the inherent privacy. So, if you want both spaciousness and privacy in your bedroom, modern jali designs in bedroom can be a perfect choice at this time.

Have you ever heard of this design before? No matter what your answer is, down here to catch some stunning examples for your dwelling now.

What is jali?

Before diving into each jali design, the most important thing is to understand what it is.

A jali (or also called jaali) is a term for a latticed screen or perforated stone, often with a decorative pattern built through the utilization of geometry and calligraphy. This pattern of architectural decoration is familiar in Hindu, Islamic and Indo-Islamic architecture.

Previous jali work was done by carving into stone, mainly in geometric patterns. Meanwhile, later the Mughal Empire used the very nice designs for monumental works like the Taj Mahal. Besides, they also added pietre dure inlay to the surrounds, availing semi-precious stones and marble.

The jali designs help to decrease the temperature by compressing the air through the holes. Additionally, the air’s speed increases to give a profound spread.In some humid areas in India such as Konkan and Kerala, the jali designs often have bigger holes with the complete lower density than compared with the dry climate locations of Rajasthan and Gujarat.


Modern jali designs in bedroom – a new trend to a contemporary house

From 16th century memorials to 21st-century contemporary furniture, the jali design has soon become a trend in the architectural world.

As outlined above, this concept has its roots stuck in the ancient Mughal and Indian architecture, particularly Mughal palaces, forts and other monumental buildings. And this stone art of India makes its way to various rooms and walls of the 21st-century houses that we’re going to show you.

By applying the modern jali designs in bedroom, particularly the lattice carved in wood partition, your bedroom will become a private haven that encloses you from other parts of the house yet keeping all ends within reach. Once pursuing the latest interior designs, you cannot ignore this appealing tendency of laser-cut lattice dividers in wood.


The next design is all about the tufted headboard, extending all the way up to the ceiling. Together with a stylish wall behind, all are merged beautifully.

Do you think that the lattice cut wooden vertical columns and sheer drapes is a great combo for your bedroom? Look at the décor below and you will fall in love instantly.

A variety of modern jali designs

Aside from basic designs above, architects created unique and stunning ones in order to mesmerize customers. And here are 8 excellent jali designs that might be a perfect solution, not only for your bedroom but also any part of your house.

Cube chemistry

A stunning cube design in the aluminum divider adds a striking element to the room while playing its role as a divider. Besides, the shining finish gives a fashionable feel. This design is highly suggested for rooms with a monochromatic theme.


Delicate web


This decorative jali design stands beautifully in the room like an astonishing sculpture. Not only does it melt into the background perfectly but also its abstract lines create an attractive web design that partly hides two different rooms in your house.


Slider charm

This delicate jali design provides a hint of sophisticated style to the room, making way for more privacy and space with sliding dividers. If you’re living in a studio apartment, you can consider this design because it separates your living room and bedroom into an open space. Or in case you want the privacy, just close it as you wish.

Simple & Sleek


You love simplicity, don’t you? The floral motifs are a good choice to add pattern to your room. And this design effortlessly hides the rest of your home away from visitor’s eyes.

Wild branches

What could be more refined than an abstract design to fit into the modern setup!By applying the jali design for the divider, you don’t only separate the open layout easily but also bring it a nice edgein your home.

Traditional twist


The traditional design might be a bit complicated, but it mixes perfectly into the conventional setup. The small motifs limit the visibility towards the room, giving lots of necessary privacy. Besides, it can be used to determine each room.


Joy of geometry

It can be said that the geometrical design of the jali partitions offers a stylish appearance. The subtle leaf-like details can captivate anyone and at the same time give the privacy you’re looking.


Pretty patterns


The last jali design is eye-catching for everyone because its attractive patterns display a charming and peaceful effect along with the angelic and neutral theme of the room.


Final thoughts

All in all, the modern jali designs in bedroom does not only give your beloved home a break from monotony but also make it outstanding from the rest. So, which one will you choose for your private dwelling? Let us know by leaving your comments here now!










Mardis Gras Graphics

With Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday quickly approaching, lots of people in the world are getting in the Mardi Grass spirit. If you’re going to celebrate or just thinking about starting with cards, decorations, etc., these Mardis Gras graphics below will be your best choice. They definitively give you a huge selection like coloring pages, printable masks and other stunning items. And the most wonderful thing is that all of them are free for anyone who wants to use it for their own demand.

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Before finding wherewill offer the free graphics, let’s find out some interesting information about Mardi Gras first!

What do you know about Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday while some call it Shrove Tuesday. It is considered as the last day of the Carnival celebrations that starts before the beginning of Lent.

Some of the most popular Mardi Gras celebrations are in South America, especially in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s known as the biggest one in the world that lasts for six days, making it a hot tourist attraction every year. Meanwhile, Louisiana and New Orleans have become particularly famous for its splendid parades. In addition, you are able to catch this carnival season in some countries in the UK. Though, they tend to be less flashy affair.

Mardi Gras is a famous day for not only tourists but also the people who prefer to experience the energetic and bright celebrations. On this occasion, you might watch lots of huge parades with outstanding costumes, floats, and masks.

Where to get free Mardis Gras graphics?

To help you complete your idea of making cards, masks or party invitations, I will suggest some places so that you can receive the free Mardis Gras templates.

Clipart Panda

There are about 100 free graphics about this event that can be downloaded from this site. You can easily find lots of masks with different templates and colors. Even, there are some animated GIFs. Of course, all are on a single page. Just scroll down in order to search for a photo that you prefer. Then land on its Download page and click on the Download button to save the chosen photo to your computer.

This site offers a collection of dozens Mardi Gras images such as masks, borders, and some items that are related to this day. And it’s easy to download for free. When you’re on the Download page, you are able to check some statistics about the chosen image like the file type (JPG or PNG), the download count, the number of people who have seen it, etc

Clipart Library

With nearly 60 free clip art images as jesters, masks, word art, and colorful borders about the Mardi Gras, don’t mind downloading the one you want most and use it for your own project. Just hit on the thumbnail and you are able to download or print it from any browser. But, make sure you check the file type and size of the image before doing.

Free Clipart Store

There are just 15 photos about Mardi Gras in 3 pages on this website. However, you will see some colorful photos of party goers, masks, and festive images. And with the right-click on any photo you want, you will save it to your computer easily.

Free Clipart Pictures

Although this site only shows 10 free Mardi Gras images, all are truly unique that I’m sure they would look great for any type of projects. You can find different kinds of people, masks, and even a cute dinosaur. It’s not hard to save any image you want to the computer or copy it to the clipboard. But, remember that you cannot make them larger.

Lee Hansen

You’re permitted to download only 8 pictures for free via clicking through the one you prefer. Then a full-sized version will be saved to your computer instantly. Although there is a lack of quantity, they might be what you’re searching for. With unique skulls, masks, and party king, feel free to choose now.

Hellas Multimedia

The most interesting thing about this site is a variety of animated and non-animated free Mardi Grass photos including horns and masks. Take a look at all on 4 pages and perform the right-click on any photo you like to save it to your computer now.

In summary

All above will give you a great collection of the free Mardis Gras graphics such as masks, kings, queens, jesters, people, borders, and so on. Of course, everything will be okay for personal use. However, in case you want to use for business purposes, please check each site carefully.

Now, it’s time to download the suitable clipart images on these websites to complete your ideas and start the special event on your own style. A family party with Mardi Gras elements or make something related to this day and then show them on street. No matter what you’re going to do, be fun always!






Hillsborough Disaster Bodies Graphic

Amongst a variety of sports, football is known as the KING. Millions of people are enjoying it on TV every hourwhile thousands of fans are joining a stream of people to stadiums to cheer for their favorite teams every day.

But, not all the football matches give the best experience for the spectators, especially the Hillsborough disaster on April 15th, 1989. Have you ever heard of this catastrophe? Do you know that this 1989 tragedy at a British stadium led to the deaths of 96 fans and even the remaining Liverpool fans were accused as the main reason?

Let’s Hillsborough disaster bodies graphic below show you the clear answer if you truly care about this matter!

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What happened at Hillsborough stadium in 1989?

It was a nice spring day on April 15th, 1989. And thousands of avid fans were flocking to the Hillsborough stadium to follow the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Of course, no one knew that the great day of football has soon become a terrible carnage.

The disaster began from 2.30pm to 2.40pm when hundreds of Liverpool fans started to streaming towards the stadium, especially through the Leppings Lane. This created an obstruction through the turnstiles into the stadium. To solve this trouble, the police commander in charge of the match requested to open an exit gate C and guided crowds of people down a tunnel and into two standing-room-only pens. Since then, a crush developed in a heartbeat.

Hundreds of people entered the pen and forced up against those in front. And these people were pushed up against the fencing which was designed to prevent the pitch invasion. Then lots of spectators tried to get away from the developing crush by climbing out of the pen behind the goal onto the track.

When the crowd continuously surged one of the metal barriers,itsuddenly tumbled over one another and into the front fences. And when a Liverpool fan struck the crossbar of the goal, the situation became more terrible. Lots of people managed to get away from the dreadful mass of bodies by forcing to open another small gate while the other fought for air above them.

Although the football match was halted just five minutes to solve the trouble, it was too late. 95 people died, mostly of asphyxia while standing. The 96th victim died in 1993 after spending some years of coma.

The video below will give you a clear look at the disaster

Victims of the Hillsborough disaster

A total of 96 death is truly a horrible result of the disaster. The witnesses said that lots of dead and injured fans were placed across the field. Meanwhile, the other fans tried to help each other.


One of the youngest victims was a schoolboy named Jon-Paul Gilhooley. He came to the stadium with his uncles, John and Brian Gilhooley, who both survived. Gerard Baron was a retired postal worker from Preston, who was the oldest person to die in this disaster. And lots of painful stories came from the victims’ relatives. A social worker had to pull a woman out of her brother’s dead body while another woman was stopped to give a hug to her dead relatives.

What happened at the inquest?

At first, police, members of the media and politician were quick to blame the fans themselves. They reckoned that the fans had been drunk and disorganized and this led to a hard push into the arena.

However, many investigations and probes over the years pointed that it was not the behavior of the Liverpool fans. It was a series of wrong decisions by the police that might have led to the disaster in 1989. And one of the most serious criminal accusation in the group announced lies with the match commander, David Duckenfield, who has been charged with the unpremeditated killing.

On this day, Mr. David Duckenfield gave an order to open the exit gate to permit throngs of fans to flood onto the terrace. And this led to the deadly crush. But, at the time he reported to the Football Association that the Liverpool fans had forced to open the gate by themselves.

Nearly three decades for investigating, the jury concluded that the main reason belonged to grossly careless failures by police and ambulance services. Besides, the jury provided the proof of the unsafe design of the Hillsborough stadium.

Until June 2017, six people were accused with different offenses for their actions during and after the Hillsborough disaster. This proved that the Liverpool fans innocent in a long time.





The Advantages Of Studying Graphic Design

When you’re someone who specializes in graphic design, you will at least thoroughly know how to use graphical softwares like Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, Indesign… Because of that, I’ve listed here the advantages of studying graphic design.

Not being afraid of unemployment

Any print product or advertisement needs a good design, with entertainment products and events especially requiring the presentation to be pretty so that it can attract customers, and with the competition becoming more intense, advertisements will need to be more impressive, etc...So graphic designers are never without a job. The design requirements are becoming higher and more divided with lower levels only requiring you to ensure the content and have it aesthetically pleasing while the higher levels will require you to have more creativity and for it to leave more of an impression. Depending on your skill level, experience and work time, you can pick a job for yourself. Doing photo editing, learning about designing at the different companies, print houses, learning while you work and getting more experience until you complete the study program which is also when you start working full-time at companies that specializes in designing, for that is a quite common road for people who study graphic designing. After building yourself a reputation for a while, the designing demands and business associates will increase rather quickly.

Good income (salary)

Compared to other jobs, the income of Graphic Designer is at a good level and is within reach. As long as you have skill, creativity and are generally hardworking and progressive, you can always find yourself a job. Besides working in a company, a graphic designer can also get more work and projects from outside to work at home like designing websites, logos, brand identifications, introbooks... These side jobs bring a considerable amount of income in comparison to your regular income. With people that have creative capabilities, the amount of income you can receive is even higher and potentially has no limit. The exercises that you do when you were studying is similar to the work requirements in real-life so people who study graphic design usually get jobs early on.

Comfortable working environments

The graphic designing industry is a relatively new one so the designers often work at fresh new companies with a dynamic working environments. At companies that specialize in graphic designing, the work offices are usually very vibrantly decorated, with art that provides inspiration for workers. Sometimes you can work at home or at a cafe or even work while listening to music to spark your creativity. An artistic and inspirational work space.

Non-boring work

Being of the creative industry, graphic designing requires intellectual investment. Each design requirement demands that you have a different way to express and varied content, with no repeats on any of the products’ designs. This means that designers are always trying to find new ways to make new eye-catching and meaningful designs. Each designed product that is completed and is accepted by the public is considered a joy to the designers.

Flexible work time

The most important thing for a designer is the design product, not the amount of time that you’re stuck in the office so you can play all week, go from early to late, work at a cafe or whatever else you want so long as hand over the design within the deadline and ensure of its quality.

High probability for promotion

In the graphic designing industry, proficiency is the factor that decides position and not age. If you’re an active, progressive, creative person who can work and manage groups then there will be multiple chances for promotion. Starting out, you can either be a freelance designer or an assistant designer but during the work process, you may be assigned as the project leader then afterwards art director, creative director or even higher.

Easily becoming famous

With the pre-existent advantages about equipment and vibrant way to express, the subjects that talk about social problems are always expressed by designers into products that look and sound unique and that has the public taking part in quickly spreading online. It could be a comic strip, a short movie, a cartoon or even a funny-looking drawing. Or you can even have multiple opportunities to work with foreign business partners on game projects, large-scale films and participate in designing and producing mass media products that are widely known.

Multiple opportunities to receive awards

In the graphic designing field, there are multiple different big and small competitions in and outside the country like: logo designing, t-shirt designing, poster designing, illustrating, book cover designing, newspaper layout and photo contests... This is a playground for people to test their limits, compete, win awards and expand your curriculum vitae.

The modern work nature, catching up with the world trend

The advancements of the internet has shorten the distance information technology gap between less developed countries and other technologically advanced countries. The graphic designers in our country are quickly approaching the design trends around the world and have designs that fit with the current era. Flat designs, folded letter font, vintage colors... these current design trends around the world are quickly appearing and being implemented all over the world. The graphic softwares are also being updated following the flow of general technology.

Your work boundary has no limit

Just because you live in a certain province or city doesn’t mean you can only receive design orders from that certain area. The nature of graphic designing work allows you to exchange and work through the internet so designers can receive work from any province or city in the country or even from other countries. You just need to be decent in English, have a professional work manner, work on time, boldly test your limits and you can receive foreign contracts that have high payoff and multiple interesting experience. The graphic designing industry has multiple advantages, is suitable for proactive people. However, not just anyone can go after it as you need to have an artistic mind, the ability to be creative, and most importantly, have a passion for this job and a willingness to learn and improve your skills if you want to succeed in the graphic designing industry. The learning environment is also really important.