Color Trends In Modern Interior Design 2018

2017 has gone through almost 11 months and we are eagerly wondering what color trends in modern 2018 interior design will look like. Let's find out together.

Color trends in modern interior design 2018

1.Why do you need to know the trend of modern interior design 2018?

It is bad to buy a new house or apartment that we are confused, not know how to design the interior, and do not know where to start, with whom; just know that you like simplicity but youthful and low cost.”

In this case, if you know the modern interior design style in general and grasp the color trends in the latest modern interior design in particular; you will not have to make a rough plan of what to make your dream home. And you also easily find out what material you need, how style, shape, where to buy, which will suit your family's style to bring aesthetic effect, convenience and health benefits. On the contrary, even if you do not find out for yourself, it's easier to express your ideas and views with an Architect or Interior Design Company to get them to help you.

Why do you need to know the trend of modern interior design 2018

Capture the color trends in modern interior design to help your home never get outdated.

When you know what you want, there will be plenty of time to prepare well for your home decorating plan, while saving money and energy. For example: If you know the prevalence of furniture from rattan, use recycled or handmade items; you will have time to collect raw materials (no cost or very low pay) to create your own decorative items that you love and choose the prestigious production at affordable prices.

Predefined interior design also helps you to comfortably design and repair the decor for each room in the house. Living room, kitchen, parent bedroom, son bedroom, daughter bedroom, study room, work room or family library ...

modern interior design 2018

When you finish the new decor is at the list of materials, stores, companies ... provide what you need, and you can also "hunt" the discount or super cool promotions… for decorating your house later.

2.Modern Interior Design Trends 2018

In all the trends of modern interior design, color plays an important role. It is like a smooth melody to help lyrical music sublimation to beautify life. The home will be the only place to stay if the colors adorn it without attaching to certain meanings. It's like a song with good lyrics but a rhyme makes it lose its original message. That is why I emphasized the trend of color in modern interior design in 2018 in this article.

Modern Interior Design Trends 2018

This idea was introduced by Sherwin Williams of the United States to emphasize the spiritual life of people in the era of the integration of cultures, in which fashion and technology are developing and causing great impact. Accordingly, three key elements that the interior design industry must achieve in 2018. That is: Create relationships, make connections and show the sincerity.

The question: How can color in interior design do that? Let's take a closer look.

a.The trend of "establishing relationships"

Artists in general and interior design in particular have always taken the color to describe a story. You are not an artist, but you can tell your own story from the decor, decorate the house in a style that expresses the close relationship between “People” and “Places.”

Wall paintings use the color is light cocoa, it is like the color of nude makeup of women every day when going out. Decorative walls or shelves use navy blue to express elegance, power and safety (harbor), sea and water. There, decorations of pottery or handicrafts, souvenirs with different origins.

establishing relationships

A small round table in the dining room will be bright red, combined with leather cushion seat or cocoa felt to represent the desire, passion burns. A bamboo handmade lantern hanging from the top will create a peaceful feeling from the countryside

The living room is simple but "unique" with a light brown long sofa, two bright red chairs set around a lovely tea table full of relaxation.

establishing relationships

An array of living room walls painted in dark gray, in the middle hanging red paintings symbolize the mystery of life is no limit.

The windows are painted white neutral to create harmony.

b.The trend of "making connections"

This trend is inspired by technological innovations, the computer age. It is a combination of orange, cream, blue, green and yellow with high resolution. These colors represent the modern, fresh and energetic.
  • Paint the main wall gray orange
  • Paint the ceiling in blue
  • The fireplace will stand out with green
  • Long sofas should be navy blue with gray
  • Decorative shelf and tea table will be neutral white
  • Round table with rattan chairs will be metallic bronze color
making connections

c.The trend of "showing sincerity"

The more modern society is, the more technology is developed, the loneliness of the people increase. But with the trend of color in modern interior design 2018, this situation is "predicted" will not happen. With a combination of bright colors to help the walls and objects like "talking" and all the lonely silence will no longer. The people living in this stylish design room are more likely to ponder over themselves, leaving out every single feeling because everything around them is connected.

showing sincerity

Ceilings do not cover heavy plaster that is almost flat or embossed with negligible edges to create space open, free. The middle is highlighted in dark gray, the surrounding is ivory white.

The walls will be painted mint green lightly, relax; at the foot of the wall there are small lines that create intimacy. On the wall hang only a few paintings and small ornaments in the same color.

The sofa will be pink and soft white to stimulate the sensation of excitement.

Simple rectangular tea table with small metal legs, no drawers, no cover.

Two layers of floor mats, orange underlay, top layer of green pattern alternating with white.

Curtains will be pinkish orange with white frames and modern glass doors.

No ceiling fan and chandelier in the middle of the ceiling; Only use thin metal styled fluorescent lamps with incandescent bulbs in the required positions.

The kitchen and dining room use white ceilings, bright orange colored walls with plenty of illuminated windows. A small three-ball light curled down on the dining table. Space is completely free, no decorating cumbersome to create restraint.

It can be said, with this harmonious color scheme, mellow type; the dark will not have the opportunity to reign. It contributes to the human mood always feel positive and love life.

showing sincerity


There are many benefits from exploring the trend of modern interior design in general and modern interior design trends in 2018 in particular. I just want to say: The house is a warm place, the family is the soul. Each of us, whether successful or failing, takes our family as the fulcrum, as the launch pad for our lives and our careers. Therefore, the design and layout of the house plays an extremely important role in building happiness, joy and sublimation. Create a comfortable and meaningful home environment so that "wherever you go, you always want to go back."