Happy Wheels – Slow and Steady

Happy Wheels is a side-scrolling, physics – based obstacle course game available for iOS devices. It is a game where you can win with little blood flowing out and finish within 100 pieces. However, to do that you need to know some tricks.

===> Happy wheels is a fun game.  After playing this game you will also train yourself to be more careful in driving everyday.

1. Keep it Slow and Steady

Always slowdown in your first round or two at a new level. If you have a hurdle too fast, you will probably die in some way to get blood before you see it or find out what it is, so come it slow so at least when you die first You will know what to do next.

2. You can play almost any level at any time

You should start at the easiest level to get familiar with the gameplay as well as familiarize yourself with the characters in the game, then slowly upgrade your level and jump to whatever level you want.

For example: Business Guy has 15 levels to get started. If you try to play level 15 immediately (or even after the first year's defeat), it seems almost impossible. Going in the order and level of difficulty will seem easier when you come to them.
There are many characters in this game such as these include Irresponsible People, Wheelchair People, Efficient Shopper, Moped Couple, and Pogo Stick Guy. Be sure to check back in the iOS app store or the Google Play store to see when the next update is released, as the next update will definitely add some new characters.

You can send them to your friends so they play through the center or give your friends play on your own phone.

3. Game too slowly?

If the game is slowing down your phone for some reason, go to the settings menu and change the Max Particle settings. This mainly is an issue for old phones, not for new ones. When the particles are set really low, then some of the blood spatters. If you set the particles higher, there is more blood appears.