Mardis Gras Graphics

With Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday quickly approaching, lots of people in the world are getting in the Mardi Grass spirit. If you’re going to celebrate or just thinking about starting with cards, decorations, etc., these Mardis Gras graphics below will be your best choice. They definitively give you a huge selection like coloring pages, printable masks and other stunning items. And the most wonderful thing is that all of them are free for anyone who wants to use it for their own demand.

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Before finding wherewill offer the free graphics, let’s find out some interesting information about Mardi Gras first!

What do you know about Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday while some call it Shrove Tuesday. It is considered as the last day of the Carnival celebrations that starts before the beginning of Lent.

Some of the most popular Mardi Gras celebrations are in South America, especially in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s known as the biggest one in the world that lasts for six days, making it a hot tourist attraction every year. Meanwhile, Louisiana and New Orleans have become particularly famous for its splendid parades. In addition, you are able to catch this carnival season in some countries in the UK. Though, they tend to be less flashy affair.

Mardi Gras is a famous day for not only tourists but also the people who prefer to experience the energetic and bright celebrations. On this occasion, you might watch lots of huge parades with outstanding costumes, floats, and masks.

Where to get free Mardis Gras graphics?

To help you complete your idea of making cards, masks or party invitations, I will suggest some places so that you can receive the free Mardis Gras templates.

Clipart Panda

There are about 100 free graphics about this event that can be downloaded from this site. You can easily find lots of masks with different templates and colors. Even, there are some animated GIFs. Of course, all are on a single page. Just scroll down in order to search for a photo that you prefer. Then land on its Download page and click on the Download button to save the chosen photo to your computer.

This site offers a collection of dozens Mardi Gras images such as masks, borders, and some items that are related to this day. And it’s easy to download for free. When you’re on the Download page, you are able to check some statistics about the chosen image like the file type (JPG or PNG), the download count, the number of people who have seen it, etc

Clipart Library

With nearly 60 free clip art images as jesters, masks, word art, and colorful borders about the Mardi Gras, don’t mind downloading the one you want most and use it for your own project. Just hit on the thumbnail and you are able to download or print it from any browser. But, make sure you check the file type and size of the image before doing.

Free Clipart Store

There are just 15 photos about Mardi Gras in 3 pages on this website. However, you will see some colorful photos of party goers, masks, and festive images. And with the right-click on any photo you want, you will save it to your computer easily.

Free Clipart Pictures

Although this site only shows 10 free Mardi Gras images, all are truly unique that I’m sure they would look great for any type of projects. You can find different kinds of people, masks, and even a cute dinosaur. It’s not hard to save any image you want to the computer or copy it to the clipboard. But, remember that you cannot make them larger.

Lee Hansen

You’re permitted to download only 8 pictures for free via clicking through the one you prefer. Then a full-sized version will be saved to your computer instantly. Although there is a lack of quantity, they might be what you’re searching for. With unique skulls, masks, and party king, feel free to choose now.

Hellas Multimedia

The most interesting thing about this site is a variety of animated and non-animated free Mardi Grass photos including horns and masks. Take a look at all on 4 pages and perform the right-click on any photo you like to save it to your computer now.

In summary

All above will give you a great collection of the free Mardis Gras graphics such as masks, kings, queens, jesters, people, borders, and so on. Of course, everything will be okay for personal use. However, in case you want to use for business purposes, please check each site carefully.

Now, it’s time to download the suitable clipart images on these websites to complete your ideas and start the special event on your own style. A family party with Mardi Gras elements or make something related to this day and then show them on street. No matter what you’re going to do, be fun always!