Modern Jali Designs in Bedroom

With a desire to attain a well-aired space for a small house or apartment in a large city, many people resort to open concept homes, particularly open floor plans. This conceptactually gives a sense of spaciousness where entertaining, gathering and dining areas can occur in one place.

However, when it comes to bedrooms, this concept doesn’t guarantee the inherent privacy. So, if you want both spaciousness and privacy in your bedroom, modern jali designs in bedroom can be a perfect choice at this time.

Have you ever heard of this design before? No matter what your answer is, down here to catch some stunning examples for your dwelling now.

What is jali?

Before diving into each jali design, the most important thing is to understand what it is.

A jali (or also called jaali) is a term for a latticed screen or perforated stone, often with a decorative pattern built through the utilization of geometry and calligraphy. This pattern of architectural decoration is familiar in Hindu, Islamic and Indo-Islamic architecture.

Previous jali work was done by carving into stone, mainly in geometric patterns. Meanwhile, later the Mughal Empire used the very nice designs for monumental works like the Taj Mahal. Besides, they also added pietre dure inlay to the surrounds, availing semi-precious stones and marble.

The jali designs help to decrease the temperature by compressing the air through the holes. Additionally, the air’s speed increases to give a profound spread.In some humid areas in India such as Konkan and Kerala, the jali designs often have bigger holes with the complete lower density than compared with the dry climate locations of Rajasthan and Gujarat.


Modern jali designs in bedroom – a new trend to a contemporary house

From 16th century memorials to 21st-century contemporary furniture, the jali design has soon become a trend in the architectural world.

As outlined above, this concept has its roots stuck in the ancient Mughal and Indian architecture, particularly Mughal palaces, forts and other monumental buildings. And this stone art of India makes its way to various rooms and walls of the 21st-century houses that we’re going to show you.

By applying the modern jali designs in bedroom, particularly the lattice carved in wood partition, your bedroom will become a private haven that encloses you from other parts of the house yet keeping all ends within reach. Once pursuing the latest interior designs, you cannot ignore this appealing tendency of laser-cut lattice dividers in wood.


The next design is all about the tufted headboard, extending all the way up to the ceiling. Together with a stylish wall behind, all are merged beautifully.

Do you think that the lattice cut wooden vertical columns and sheer drapes is a great combo for your bedroom? Look at the décor below and you will fall in love instantly.

A variety of modern jali designs

Aside from basic designs above, architects created unique and stunning ones in order to mesmerize customers. And here are 8 excellent jali designs that might be a perfect solution, not only for your bedroom but also any part of your house.

Cube chemistry

A stunning cube design in the aluminum divider adds a striking element to the room while playing its role as a divider. Besides, the shining finish gives a fashionable feel. This design is highly suggested for rooms with a monochromatic theme.


Delicate web


This decorative jali design stands beautifully in the room like an astonishing sculpture. Not only does it melt into the background perfectly but also its abstract lines create an attractive web design that partly hides two different rooms in your house.


Slider charm

This delicate jali design provides a hint of sophisticated style to the room, making way for more privacy and space with sliding dividers. If you’re living in a studio apartment, you can consider this design because it separates your living room and bedroom into an open space. Or in case you want the privacy, just close it as you wish.

Simple & Sleek


You love simplicity, don’t you? The floral motifs are a good choice to add pattern to your room. And this design effortlessly hides the rest of your home away from visitor’s eyes.

Wild branches

What could be more refined than an abstract design to fit into the modern setup!By applying the jali design for the divider, you don’t only separate the open layout easily but also bring it a nice edgein your home.

Traditional twist


The traditional design might be a bit complicated, but it mixes perfectly into the conventional setup. The small motifs limit the visibility towards the room, giving lots of necessary privacy. Besides, it can be used to determine each room.


Joy of geometry

It can be said that the geometrical design of the jali partitions offers a stylish appearance. The subtle leaf-like details can captivate anyone and at the same time give the privacy you’re looking.


Pretty patterns


The last jali design is eye-catching for everyone because its attractive patterns display a charming and peaceful effect along with the angelic and neutral theme of the room.


Final thoughts

All in all, the modern jali designs in bedroom does not only give your beloved home a break from monotony but also make it outstanding from the rest. So, which one will you choose for your private dwelling? Let us know by leaving your comments here now!