Top 10 Famous Interior Designers Have A Very Special Style.

Possessing rare talents, creative thinking, unique ideas and determination, passion and always practicing their own skills... these personalities helped 10 talented people in this article became the very famous and most welcome interior designers today.

1.David Kleinberg

David Kleinberg is one of the most respected names in interior design. For more than 30 years with many influential projects in the world, Kleinberg has built his own brand of interior design mixed with a variety of modern. Whether inspired or bold, Kleinberg's designs are always subtle and pertinent to the style of each customer.

After graduating from Trinity College in 1976, Kleinberg learned a lot in New York when working at Denning & Fourcade and then Mara Palmer. His talents were further honed during his 16 years at Parish-Hadley. In 1997, Kleinberg left Parish-Hadley to concentrate on building his own company.

2.Jan Showers

Jan Showers is an American interior designer. He is also the owner of a showroom in the Dallas Design District.

Jan Showers is one of the members of the American Furniture Designers Association. She has been interviewed by such well known magazines as Elle Décor, Architectural Digest... In January 2008, Jan received the "Lifetime Achievement" award for interior design from Fashion Group International.

Showers share that she was inspired by Billy Baldwin, Francis Elkins and David Hicks. She emphasizes cleanliness and simplicity in interior design style.


3.Anthony Baratta

In recent years, many world-class international magazines have honored Anthony Baratta with awards for outstanding works. Baratta's designs are characteristic of East-Coast-Chic, which is understood as a classic style mixed with grace and politeness.

Anthony began his design career more than 30 years ago. After graduating from Fordham University with a degree in Fine Arts, he used his own talents and combined with William Diamond to create Diamond Baratta Design, a style of interior design “colorful and luxurious”.

4.Myra Hoefer

Myra Hoefer is an interior & floral designer. She is known for the design with a mix of simple style and elegance style. Her works have been honored on well-known periodicals and journals. Myra created the famous furniture line called "A la Reine". She became one of California's most influential designers.

For the past 20 years, Myra has worked with her daughters Lisa North and Gina Gattuso to develop and improve Myra Hoefer Design. Their design reflects a blend of simplicity, elegance. This is demonstrated through a youthful and fresh approach.

5.Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta was born in 1935 in Staten Island, New York. He studied at Curtis High School, Cooper Union University and the Parson School of Design.

Buatta has designed interiors for celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Henry Ford II, Malcolm Forbes, Barbara Walters, and Nelson Doubleday. He oversaw the interior of Blair House - the guest house of the president of the United States in Washington.

Mario Buatta is considered to be the "King of flower-fabric", based on the habit of using flower prints on fabric covers for cushions, curtains, rugs, tablecloths.

6.Mariette Himes Gomez 

Opening the first interior design studio nearly thirty years ago, Mariette Himes Gomez honed herself to have a clear design style. By virtue of her talent, she has created many new art designs, but also brings a sense of closeness, friendliness.

Thanks to the aesthetic eye, Mariette has made her mark in the world of interior design. The fancy architecture details with harmonious colors, highlights are the antique ornaments, valuable artwork and unique personal products. Her interior design style is a bit simple, rustic but no less mysterious.

7.Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake used personal emotions and aesthetics to create fascinating home and commercial furniture designs. Among them, the most notable are the Los Angeles Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, the Dakota Building, the Florida Medical Facility and many New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's design projects.

Jamie Drake believes that style of design will show the individuality and style of each person. Renowned for the color sensitivity, his works stand out with unique details and distinctive shades. Combining traditional and modern elements, Drake is constantly creating, “transforming”. In 2013, he was named Interior Design Star of the Year by Fashion Group International.

8.Susan Ferrier 

Susan grew up in New York, graduating from an interior design school in the south of the city. The lively life experience has helped Susan's designs look real. Susan supervises the project itself. Everyone praised her for her enthusiasm and humor, and she always respected her staff.

Susan and her husband Adrian, a New Zealander, always try to spend a lot of free time traveling. They always have plans for new discoveries. These experiences help Susan learn more things, such as adding inspiration to the design.

Susan's interior design style was impressed by its light color, its exuberant texture. All evokes a sense of peace, away from the noisy uproar around.

9.Thomas Britt

Over forty years of career development, Thomas Britt has become a symbol of interior design from Kansas City, USA. His interior design style is influenced by the European classics intermingled with modern and youthful elements. Thomas knows how to create a balance, smooth and harmonious.

Thomas Britt holds a BS in Science from the University of New York, and holds a Parsons School of Arts. After graduating in 1959, he worked with interior designer John Gerald for five years before setting up his own company in 1964.

Thomas has always made a breakthrough with his bold spirit of using color, luxury texture and artistic details such as antique art collections he collected. Thomas has appeared in such well-known magazines as Elle Décor, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, etc…

Thomas Britt's customer ranges from the ambassador of USA to the Prince Charles, Prince Raj Mata, Priya Ransit “Princess of Thailand”...

10.Suzanne Rheinstein

Suzanne Rheinstein is an internationally recognized interior designer and owner of Hollyhock, a boutique that specializes in interior decoration and unique antique items. Her design style emphasizes elegance, "moderation will be a lot nicer."

Born and raised in New Orleans, Suzanne is deeply influenced by the traditions of the southern American city. She noted the comfort, liberty between texture, detail and light. Suzanne has created a collection of fabrics for Lee Sofa, which includes embroidered lace fabrics, fine textiles, or precious soft silk.

Suzanne and her works have appeared in many famous design magazines and books.

If you are dreaming of becoming an interior designer, try to create your own design style. But first and foremost, it is learning. You are lucky to be born in an age where many interior designers with great products have been born before. Take a look at their designs, combine them and then find the design style that works best for you. Once you've found the right style of design for yourself, try to develop it into a unique tyle.